Champion Athletics has some of the most widely used and effective training equipment there is. with the utilization of this equipment, the knowledge of our training coaches, and the access to our large space and facility, we will provide the safest and most effective training available to improve and increase all aspects of the athlete.

With all types of over speed trainers, resistance bands, free weights, dumbbells, parachutes, ladders, tires, ropes, box jumps, medicine balls, pro style basketball goals, soccer goals, football accuracy trainers, baseball pitching aide trainers, and an amazing stereo system, etc.. etc..etc.. We will provide you with the most FUN and Facilitating atmosphere to get the BEST out of you and your athletes!

Come take a free trial class and begin your transition into a Champion, with Champion Athletics.


  1. SPEED TRAINING – This class is designed to increase and improve the speed and acceleration of the athlete. With the use of our advanced speed training equipment and innovative  exercises, the athletes will learn correct form and techniques to use everyday in order to be faster and quicker in their respective sports.
  2. AGILITY TRAINING -This class is specifically designed to improve an athletes ability to rapidly change directions without the loss of speed, balance, or body control. Our Agility Training will focus on increasing the speed and coordination of the athlete while in motion from point A to point B.
  3. STRENGTH TRAINING – With the use of our advanced equipment, free weights, and body weight the athletes will increase their strength and power by learning correct form and precise exercises. Our age appropriate training will utilize the most effective and proven techniques in order to increase muscle mass and definition, while being safe and conscious of the development of their body. Strength Training will provide greater muscular strength, improved muscle tone and appearance.
  4. STAMINA AND ENDURANCE TRAINING  – This will integrate explosive movements with functional exercises to build greater energy levels and continuously challenge athletes. this class with focus on increasing strength, endurance and stamina simultaneously. An athlete’s ability to maintain a high level of competition during their sports will allow them to excel and boost confidence.
  5. ADULT BOOT CAMPS – This class will focus on integrating all sorts of movements and exercises along with the appropriate equipment, to provide a foundation of health and fitness to our adults who want a challenging workout. This class is exciting and challenging while building your body.
  6. MUSCLE MIX CLASSES A muscle conditioning class utilizing free weights, resistance bands & body weight to create a fun challenging workout for the entire body.
  7. 1 ON 1 PERSONAL TRAINING –  Our personal training sessions can offer faster results because each session is tailored to the individual’s goals.