Meet the Owner : Coach Niki

Our Owner, Mrs. Niki has a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Family Development from Georgia Southern University. She also has her Masters in Professional Counseling from Argosy University. She is certified in Trauma Focused Cognitivie Behavioral Therapy, First Aide, CPR and AED. Niki was a competitive gymnast for ten years. She competed in all levels up to level 10. During high school, she was on her sideline cheerleading team for all four years. In addition to this, Niki competed in all star cheerleading for six years. She won numerous cheer titles. Niki won four national stunt titles and two national individual titles. After high school, Niki was a cheerleader at Georgia Southern University for four years where she was the captain for two years. Niki is the mother of two children, Malone and Myla and is married to Freddy Pesquiera. Miss Niki enjoys teaching gymnastics to children of all ages to help children reach their maximum potential



Coach RJ

Coach RJ has competed in gymnastics, soccer, diving , power tumbling and trampoline, and all star cheerleading. His accomplishments included being ranked number 1 in the state and south east region in Trampoline. He has won two gold medals in the USA National Junior Olympic Power Tumbling and Trampoline competition and has traveled internationally to compete. In cheerleading, he has won numerous National Championships, competing under the Thunder All Stars becoming becoming a coach. Most recently RJ has taken up stunt doubling appearing in short movies, commericals and feature films. He has two certifications with ASEP in First Aid and Coaching Principles. He also has his CHSA certification.



Coach Caitlin

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Coach Jimmie

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Coach Savannah

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